How to Choose The Right Blinds For Your Office

How to Choose The Right Blinds For Your Office

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When you’re trying to choose office blinds cost is likely to be your first consideration. However, blinds have a practical role to play so there are other factors which you’ll need to consider before you choose.

How much privacy do you need?

In business, there is more than one way to think about privacy. You’re likely to have data which you need to protect, but realistically it’s unlikely that data will be stolen by someone peering in at a window. However, if you have staff working on the ground floor they could begin to feel very exposed with people constantly looking in at them.

You could consider heavier roller blinds as long as they don’t need to be closed all the time. Permanently blocking out the light won’t be good for your staff’s overall wellbeing. Adjustable horizontal or vertical blinds will allow employees to adjust for privacy whilst still allowing daylight in.

Working with screens

As an employer, you need to comply with a whole host of health and safety regulations. If your employees spend time working with screens you’ll need to make sure that this is being done in a safe way. Providing eye tests and encouraging staff to take regular breaks from screen-based work are both key steps that you can take to protect them. However, your blinds can also have a role to play.

Screens that are positioned near windows will naturally be exposed to different levels of glare during the course of the day. A screen that is glare-free in the morning might have the sun shining directly onto it later in the day. An adjustable blind will enable your employees to reduce glare when they need to.

Practical issues

There are different styles of window blinds which could be a practical choice for your office. Whilst the type of blind is important you should also consider your choice of fabric and fittings. At home during the week, you might close your blinds once in the evening and reopen them in the morning. However, in an office, the blinds might be adjusted several times a day. That means that you need robust fittings which can withstand this. This will reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your blind.

Fabric blinds look attractive but can be harder to clean than aluminium, PVC or wooden blinds. These allow you to maintain good hygiene standards without increasing your cleaning bill.

Public areas

We know that you want to have an attractive office environment. An office that makes visitors and staff feel welcome is good for morale and impresses your guests. We’ve worked in offices where clients have chosen to reflect their company colours in their interior design. It’s an easy way to reflect your brand and company culture. However, when you’re working to a budget it’s important to consider where your money will be best spent.

You could consider coloured blinds in public areas where they’ll have the most impact and choose white elsewhere. We can talk you through your options and help you to decide how to achieve the best effect within your budget.


You can also use blinds to promote your brand by having them printed with your logo or reflecting your brand colours. This is a popular choice with many businesses.

If you need help with choosing the best blinds for your office, get in touch with us.

Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien
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