Can You Buy Pet Friendly Blinds?

Can You Buy Pet Friendly Blinds?

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When people get in touch to book a blind measuring appointment, we are often asked if you can get blinds that are pet-friendly. We also know that when we arrive at a house to measure windows and to provide a quote that if we are greeted by a beloved pet, then they will affect the type of blinds chosen by the homeowner.

The good news is that we can recommend blinds that are pet-proof!

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How many times has your cat broken the blind’s cord because she likes playing with it? Are your Venetian blind slats all bent because she leans her paws on them to see outside?
How often does your dog look guilty when you get home and then you find a broken or bent blind because you forgot to open it for him?
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The 4 Most Robust Pet-Friendly Types of Window Blinds

You will know your pet best but we recommend blinds that are strong, cordless, and don’t have any small or easily bent parts. For instance, an aluminium Venetian blind with a cord is just perfect for a cat to play with! Before you know it, he will be pulling the cord and bending the slats.

1. Roller Blinds
A roller blind is our top recommendation. They can be rolled up out of the way when you are out so that your pet can look out of the window. They also have no slats that can be bent and they can be made in a strong, hardwearing material that can’t be easily scratched or marked. If you have uPVC windows, a Perfect Fit roller blind is cordless so there are no fun dangly cords to play with.

2. Perfect Fit Blinds
Perfect Fit blinds are made to fit securely and perfectly into a uPVC window frame and are operated without any cords. A pleated or roller blind would be ideal in a home with a naughty cat. You could position them up a little so that your pet can still see out.
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3. Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds aren’t perfect because, in theory, your cat could scratch or swing on the vertical slat. However, most cats will just squeeze through the slat and sit looking out the window without damaging it. As the slats are wide and vertical it is not easy to bend them in the same way as Venetian blinds.

4. Faux Wooden Blinds
If you are really set on a Venetian style of blinds, then we would suggest faux Wooden blinds with a wide slat. Faux wooden blinds can’t be scratched or damaged as easily as a wooden or aluminium blind. They are strong and long-lasting and can be motorised which removes the tempting cord.

Every pet is different, every home has its own style of décor, and every customer has a different requirement of their blinds. Some people just want privacy whereas others are looking for something to block out sun glare at certain times of the day. At Forth Blinds, we have many years of experience and can help you choose the perfect made-to-measure blinds for your home that meets both your requirements that those of your beloved pet.

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Philip O'Brien
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