Stay Warm this Winter with Energy-Efficient Insulated Blinds

Stay Warm this Winter with Energy-Efficient Insulated Blinds

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As the weather turns to colder days and longer nights, we start to make our homes warm and cosy. This is usually done by turning on the heating, making a fire if you have one, closing the curtains and wrapping yourself up in a cosy throw or dressing gown.

Unfortunately, we are told every time we switch on the TV or radio that this winter will be expensive with the soaring cost of energy bills. They tell us to turn down the thermostat and all will be fine but maybe they don’t live in an old house that isn’t as well insulated as a modern home, or they don’t live on the east coast of Scotland with a cold easterly wind.

We should ensure that our homes are fully insulated as this does make a difference but what else can we do?


Thermal Blinds, Insulated Blinds, or Energy-Efficient Blinds

All these terms are used for window blinds that have extra thermal qualities that will help keep your room warm.  Once you have heated your room to the temperature you like, the thermostat will cut off until the temperature drops.  To save on your heating bill you want your room to remain warm for as long as possible and ideally, you don’t want any of the heat to disappear out of the window.

Thermal Honeycomb blinds


Installing thermal blinds will help keep your home warm and add extra insulation. Honeycomb blinds are an excellent choice for keeping warm this winter as they have an innovative cellular structure that helps keep the warm air in your room and the cold air out. If you pull the blind down during the day, you will get the thermal benefit without being in the dark as they will let some daylight in. During the summer months, this design will also provide you with shade and keep you cool and shaded from the hot sun. Additionally, this design will also reduce the noise coming into your home from outside.

Honeycomb blinds are a type of roller blind. You can make them look even more luxurious by choosing a cordless or motorised option.





If Honeycomb blinds are not the choice for you, then you could consider Roman blinds made with thick material or with a thermal lining. They will give you the insulation you need, however, if you need to pull them down for warmth during the day, they will not let any daylight in so you will need to use energy in another way by switching on lights. This is not an issue if you have LED lights that use very little energy. Another option would be wooden Venetian blinds.  When the slats are open they won’t be as energy-efficient as honeycomb blinds but when they are closed they will help keep your room warm in the evening. Shutters look great in modern homes and will help keep your home warm, however as with Venetian blinds, some of the benefits will be lost when you open the shutters to let some daylight in.

Honeycomb blinds are the only option that provide both insulation during the day and diffused daylight in your room.



Buying Insulated Blinds

If you live in Edinburgh or the Lothians, one of Forth Blind’s experienced surveyors can visit your home with samples and help you decide the best type of energy-efficient blinds for your home. By adding extra insulation to your room with thermal honeycomb blinds, you will feel the benefit straight away.

Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien
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