Transform Your New Build Home With a Unique Made to Measure Blind

Transform Your New Build Home With a Unique Made to Measure Blind


When you choose a new build home, it can be an exciting process.  If you’ve chosen your home from the plans after viewing a show home, you could even watch it being built.  The whole process gives you the ideal opportunity to create your dream home.

We think that the process should continue even after the bricks and mortar have been completed.  There might be many houses on your street that have been built to the same design as yours. That doesn’t mean that you want your home to look the same as everyone else’s.  Unique and distinctive decoration and furnishings can allow you to put your own stamp on the place.  Here’s why we think that a made to measure blind should be part of the plan.

Save yourself a shopping trip

When you’re getting ready to move house, the last thing you need is another job on the ‘to do’ list.  Unless a trip to Ikea on a Saturday is your idea of fun, you may have better things to do.  When you choose to have a made to measure blind created for your new build home, we come to you.  You can look at different fabrics and designs and decide what you want without having to stand in a queue at the end of it.

Choose a made to measure blind

New build homes are created to a plan that is echoed in towns around the country. They can all start to look very similar unless you choose designs that will help them to stand out.  You might love the design you find on the high street but what if all your neighbours do as well?  Choosing a unique blind allows you to show your style and can completely transform the look of your home.

Get the right fit

We’ve all been there.  You’ve measured your windows at home to get the sizing right.  Then you find yourself standing in a shop holding your tape measure up to a ready-made blind or trying to work out whether the figures on the box are close enough to your own measurements.  A made to measure blind is guaranteed to fit exactly. You won’t have to trim them yourself, which means there’s less waste too.

Start the process early

The great news about buying a new build is that you can start your interior design work before the house is even finished.  Looking around a show home allows you to come up with ideas for the look you’d like to create.  We visit lots of show homes locally to take accurate measurements. That way your new blinds can be ready as soon as you move in.

Avoid DIY

If you love DIY you might be perfectly happy to hang your own blinds when you first move in.  On the other hand, you might want to focus on unpacking boxes and getting settled in.  When we create made to measure blinds for our customers, we also come and fit them for you.  It means that we can check everything fits properly and that you’re happy with our work.

If you’d like to find out more about how a made to measure blind can add character and transform your new build home, get in touch.

Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien is a partner in Forth Blinds with decades of experience in blinds. There is no shape, size or style of window he hasn't tackled over the years! Forth Blinds supply to schools, hospitals, offices, shops, care homes, government departments, student accommodation, historic buildings, houses, flats and conservatories.