Why Cordless Blinds Are A Great Option For Your Home

Why Cordless Blinds Are A Great Option For Your Home

Pleated blinds on conservatory Haddington, Musselburgh, North Berwick

What are Cordless Blinds?

Traditional window blinds have a dangly cord handing at the side that is used to move the blinds up and down or to angle the slats on a Venetian or vertical blind. This simple feature is what makes blinds so great for privacy and shading your room from blinding sunlight.

As technology has advanced, blind designers have found ways to control blinds without the need for a cord.

Benefits of Cordless Blinds?

The main benefits of choosing a cordless blind for your home are safety and aesthetics.

Safety Benefits

Blinds with cords can be unsafe for homes with small children. You have to be careful to ensure the cord is out of reach of any small child or even pets for their own safety. Unfortunately, there have been cases where a child has been badly hurt by being caught in the cord when playing with it.

A child or pet playing with the cord can also damage or break the blinds.

Cordless blinds are far safer as they don’t have that tempting dangly cord.

Aesthetics of a Cordless Blind

To put it simply a cordless blind looks better! Just by removing a cord, the blind immediately looks like a premium, luxury product.

Not having cords at the side of the blind, makes it look tidier and far more aesthetically pleasing. If you like a minimalist look or contemporary interior design, then a cordless blind will fit perfectly.

Hopefully, you are now persuaded by the benefits of a cordless blind. Next, you have to decide which style of blinds will suit your decor and requirements. Most types of window blinds are now also available with a cordless option.

Types of Cordless Blinds?

Here are a few of our favourite options for cordless blinds.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit pleated blind - Forth Blinds

Our most popular cordless blinds at Forth Blinds are Perfect Fit blinds which are made specifically for uPVC windows and doors. Their frame fits perfectly into the window frame and to open and close them you simply push them up or down using the small handle at the bottom. This is also used to tilt the slats in a Venetian blind.

Cordless Roller & Venetian Blinds

Roller and Venetian blinds can be upgraded to be cordless. Instead of a cord, they will have a bar along the bottom of the blind which is used to move the blind up and down.

Cordless Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can be installed with a wand instead of a cord. The wand will still hang at the side like a cord but it is much safer, sturdier and gives the blind a higher quality look.

Motorised Blinds

Louvolite Motorised Vision Blind

Louvolite Motorised Vision Blinds

At Forth Blinds, we recommend motorised blinds as a cordless option. Of course, many people choose them so that they can control their blinds with a remote control or even by voice using Amazon Echo or Google Home, but they also come with the added benefit of being cordless. As the blinds are battery operated, there is no need for mains wiring which makes them more affordable than you might imagine. Motorised blinds can also be controlled remotely from an app or set on a timer. This is perfect when you are away from home and want to make your home looked lived in.

Please do get in touch for further information or to arrange an appointment for us to measure your windows and provide you with a free quotation.

Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien
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