Why You Need to Stay Local For Your Blinds

Why You Need to Stay Local For Your Blinds

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There’s no denying that internet shopping is on the rise.  We can understand why.  Our lives are getting busier.  After a week at work the idea of heading for the high street to go shopping can seem like far too much effort.  It’s no wonder that consumers across the UK are choosing to buy online from the comfort of their sofa.  You can search for exactly what you want and have it delivered to your door within a few days.  However, when it comes to blinds we think that using a local blinds company has the edge over the internet, even when it comes to convenience.  Here why we think you need to stay local for your blinds.

You can stay at home

We know that one of the biggest benefits of shopping online is the fact that you can stay at home.  You can do your shopping after the kids have gone to bed without having to find a parking space or even get dressed.  However, when you choose a local company to supply your blinds you get the same level of convenience.  We only work with customers in our local area of East Lothian so we can come and see you at home, at a time to suit you.

Check the quality

Sometimes it’s easy to choose what you want online.  The products you buy in your weekly grocery shop are familiar so you know what you’re getting.  With blinds it can be a bit trickier.  You might see a pattern you like but you’re not sure whether the fabric is good quality or what the fittings are like.  You could order your blinds and find that the colour looks completely different from the photo and won’t work with the rest of your room.  We bring samples with us so that you can check the quality and see the fabrics in your rooms before you buy.

Expert measurements

You might be a dab hand with a tape measure, but getting the measurements right on blinds can be a tricky task.  Even if your windows are a simple shape you need to make sure that you know how much room is available for the fixtures and fittings.  Some windows need more than one blind to fit their shape properly.  If you’re choosing blackout blinds for a restful night’s sleep a good fit is even more important.  Even if you have precise measurements most blinds that you can buy online come in standard widths and lengths that you then have to trim.  We take measurements and then make your blinds to fit exactly.

No fuss fitting

Fitting a new blind can be a straightforward task, but not always.  You might need new fittings or the shape of your window could make fitting your blinds more difficult.  A lot of our customers simply don’t want the hassle of spending their morning climbing up and down a set of steps hanging different sections of their blinds.  We include fitting because it makes our customers’ lives easier.  It also means that we can check whether the blinds fit properly and can act quickly if there are any problems.  Our customers can tell us straight away if they’re happy with the results.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of using a local company to design and fit your blinds, get in touch.

Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien
Philip O'Brien is a partner in Forth Blinds with decades of experience in blinds. There is no shape, size or style of window he hasn't tackled over the years! Forth Blinds supply to schools, hospitals, offices, shops, care homes, government departments, student accommodation, historic buildings, houses, flats and conservatories.